23 September, 2012

Pagani Zonda 764 Passione

We are still waiting pictures of the second model of the 760 Zonda series, the 760LH. Thanks to my friend from Pagani Forum the third model of the series has been caught at the beginning of the month. We still don't know if the 760 serirs will be formed by 3 or 5 exemplars but the last news say that the third model, called 764 Passione, could be the last which ends the Zonda production because the AMG engines are no longer available. I wouldn't call it "the last model" because many rumors say it is built on an ex 2007 Zonda F chassis #83.

The car configuration is that: Purple cockpit like 760LH with oestrich glove box, all aluminium parts are darker (like the Zonda F Roadster from 2007 Geneva Motor Show destroyed two years ago by the Gemballa GmbH owner) and the colour-scheme is exactly the same as the Tricolore but with different colours. Grey carbonfiber with the italian-flag and silver/white stripe.
Of course, despite the 764 name, it features the same upgrades as the other 760-series Zondas. It features a 7.3 liter AMG M120 V12 engine uprated to 760hp, this is some 90hp more than the Zonda Cinque and 20hp more than the Zonda R. Like the 760LH it features a manual transmission.

The destination of the car should be Asia, probably Japan.
A special thanks for the infos and pictures to www.pagani-zonda.net.

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