02 June, 2014

Prototype 0 Reveals the Zonda 760 X

If you were sad because you think that the Zonda production finished don't worry. The Pagani Automobili is still building special Zondas for their customers. Probably you will see new cars also in the coming year. This time, Pagani produced a very particular car. Its name is Zonda X and it is a very close sister of the well known Zonda UNO. Even if the "760" logo is not present on the car I'm quite sure it features the same specs of the Zonda 760LM.

22 May, 2014

Pagani Zonda 760 LM Delivered

The much-discussed Zonda LM view during the past few days has been delivered. The car has been spotted in Principality of Andorra where it was registered, probably because of emission regulations in Europe, in fact, since 2010 it is no longer possible to register cars Euro 3 like the Zonda. This is not like the other special editions which in practice are different by the name and the body paint. This Zonda, inspired by Le Mans prototypes, is characterized by a very different look compared with the other Zondas.

19 May, 2014

Prototype 0 Reveals the Pagani Zonda 760 LM

Eventually I decided to write an article about the mysterious Zonda which was spotted several times during the last month around the Pagani factories.

I could say that I saw this Zonda be born, the first time was in November last year during our official factory visit, when it was still just a frame, the second time was in April, the car was about 60% of the development ; and the last time last week in the company, this time completely finished.

16 May, 2014

Prototype 0: Five New Huayra Ready to be Delivered

Recently, our friends at LoveCars and our spotter Flavien Jaouen visited the Pagani Automobili factory and some new Huayras have been revealed.

03 May, 2014

Two Pagani Zonda F at Brooklands Museum

Today, two Zonda F, one CoupĂ© and one Roadster took part at the event Auto Italia at Brooklands Museum. One of the biggest events of the year at Brooklands celebrating the UK’s obsession with all things Italian. The two car featured are the well known F CoupĂ© #059 and the Roadster F #099.

30 April, 2014

Our Reportage from Top Marques Monaco 2014

This is our reportage about the amazing week I’ve spent in Monaco for Top Marques 2014. As every year the show lacks of official Exhibitors and more and more little brands and tuners take part. But the Top Marques week is always a good occasion to meet all friends from the rest of the world and enjoy the time together.

11 April, 2014

Pagani Zonda 760RS Spotted on the Roads of Santiago de Chile

The Zonda 760RS was spotted a lot during this week and last Sunday the car was pictured in Santiago de Chile during an event, maybe a Sunday morning drive, we still don't know much about the event but the photographers from Track Addict and Grupo Cars Santiago did a great work taking a lot of pictures of the car.