12 November, 2012

Pagani Zonda UNO, still alive!

After two year the Zonda UNO is finally on road!
The car was a 2008 Zonda F Roadster (# 103) purchased by the royal family of Qatar Al-Thani, who are famous for their beautiful cars collection in Baby Blue colour. After an accident in Qatar which is rumored but of which I have no evidence, the car was shipped to Pagani factory to make a one-off, where it remained for just over a year or so.

The Zonda F Roadster before the
conversion in Zonda UNO has
 been also spotted with gold rims.
I think Al-Thani has also ordered the Zonda Cinque Roadster and at that point he sold the Zonda UNO. Here the story becomes unclear, the car went to the arzeibaijan before arriving in Singapore where presumably the owner resides.

The new owner has also made ​​some little customizations like the italian Tricolore side stripes with Tricolore circles around rear lights and the appendices of the rear diffuser painted in the same color of the body.

More pictures here.