31 January, 2013

Pagani Zonda in Australia, more than rare, it's one of a kind

The car, has been built in 2004 as the third Zonda S Roadster, Geneva Yellow II paint, black leather interior, chassis #ZA9C820C110F76036#. It can be recognized for the plate (P A G A N I) and for the thrid stop light, fitted in the air vent of the engine bonnet positioned right after two black covers, but afterwards, they changed the position of the third brake-light.

Another difference is the steering wheel, the Australian car got a carbon one.

After has been unveiled in 2004 during Sydney Motorshow, basically the story of this Zonda was that it wasn't road legal in Australia, and the owner in order to register it had to crash test another chassis. Funny guys these Aussies...

Needless to say, I don't believe this is true, but it's funny how legends are spreading even about the Zonda.

even this car received all the latest updates, now it should produce about 650 bhp.

In 2010 the car was for sale at 1.75 M AUD $, or "just" 1.21 M €.

Now the car is often driven during summer and it has been spotted last time the 4th November 2012 in Sydney at the Supercar gathering organized by Supercar d'Elegance.

Sources: me and Pagani Forum