17 January, 2013

Pagani Zonda R Evo: beat its own record

Following the success of the Zonda R, with 10 units produced and delivered, Pagani Limited launches new and improved this real racing car. One goal, beat own record of 6 minutes and 47 seconds that set the Zonda R Nurburgring two years ago.

To do this, we used the same basis as 6 liters V12 AMG slightly boosted to 811CV (800HP). The main differences are in detail exterior to improve aerodynamics by different parts of the body. Compared with the Zonda R that we co-piloted in Ascari circuit, we note especially the presence transverse spoiler. The weight remains at 1070kg.

Alreadyhave been in to improve the Nurburgring record car derived from a production model but have agree with adverse weather conditions that have prevented them get it. They will return in the spring and are sure-and I-that I will get.

It will build five units. No official price, but Alberto Giovanelli (sales director) sai that the final price with taxes will be around 2,000,000 euros. Do not panic, there are many who can afford it and can not have it...

Sources: Pagani Forum and www.diariomotor.com