04 February, 2013

Zonda S7.0 in South Africa

I would like to show another particular Zonda S7.0. 
It is now registered in South Africa, it wears a matt carbon-fiber and orange vinyl and custom wheels.

The history of this car started in 2000, built as a Montecarlo Grey S7.0 Coupè RHD with nubuck blue cockpit and delivered by Automobil Manufactur in Singapore (same dealer who sold the #41). Even if the chassis number of this car is not confirmed, it should be the #019. The car has been driven for some years and sold in South Africa between 2005/2006 when the owner ordered a brand new Zonda F. 

The chinese owner sold it to Mr. "Lolly" Jackson who runs a famous franchise of strip-tease clubs in Johannesburg.
Here the car got custom wheels and orange longerons while the Vodafone logos are still a mystery. In 2010 the car has been wrapped with matt carbon-fiber and more orange features.

The owner was killed in April 2010, from that point traces of this car have been lost.

Sources: me and Pagani Forum.


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    1. It has disappeared a long time ago, last time seen in South Africa!