07 May, 2013

New upcoming Huayra spotted in U.S.A!

A new Pagani Huayra has been spotted in United States. Some pictures appeared on the famous social network Instagram have captured our attention, especially for the colors combination of the car which is the first Huayra made with the carbon fiber nose.
The car should be chassi N°13 and it is configured in the classic two tone combination metallic red with carbon fiber roof, side skirts and front clam. The cockpit is in black and white leather with carbon fiber finishes. Also brake calipers and wheels are black.

For the moment I wouldn't think about a customer car because it is early and from the pictures it doesn't seem show U.S. specs. The movie Transformers 4 is often quoted along this car and I know they are filming a movie about the famous videogame series "Need For Speed" so perhaps filming is the purpose.

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