23 October, 2013

Pagani Zonda Add-ons, Upgrades and Optional list

Many enthusiast like to imagine how they would like customize their dream car, technology has allowed online configurators for build an virtual car following your needs. Unfortunately is not possible on the Pagani Automobili website, and many fans have always wondered what was the list of optionals / upgrades / customizations of a Pagani Zonda.

Here I want share a post written by Pagani-Zonda Forum users with all the possible add-ons for an hypotetic Zonda F.

    • Aesthetics:

    1) Rear spoiler
         -Zonda S7.3 double rear wings
         -Cinque size
         -760 size
    2) Rear diffusor
         -Cinque size
         -760 size
    3) Second rear fog light (760 option)
    4) Rear dorsal fin 
         - Big (760 option, requires 760 spoiler)
         - Small (Tricolore option)
    5) Rear brake air-intakes
         -Sqaure base(if retro fitted) 
         -Slim base (Cinque clamshell required)
         -NACA (S 7.3 option)
    6) Rear clamshell Cinque-spec (air-scoop required)
    7) Side skirts (Cinque option) 
    8) Front brake outlets
         -NACA (S 7.3 option)
    9) Front wingles 
         -Single (Clubsport/Cinque option)
         -Double (760 option) 
    10) Front splitter
         -Cinque size
         -760 size
    11) Bullet-style daylights/ LED stripe (not sure if possible to separate) 
    12) Wheel-arch extension (760 option, requires 760 wider front wheels) 
    13) Air-scoop (Cinque option, requires Cinque clamshell)
         - Short (Roadster style)
         -Long (Coupe style)
    14) Rear window/glass roof with air-scoop
         - Targa glass roof panel
    15) Zonda S Mirrors installed on the roof

    • Interior:

    1) Seats
         a)4-point belt seats (Cinque option, not sure if requires carbotanium monocoque for packaging issues)
         -all leather
         -part leather/ alcantara
         b)standard F seats with padding
    2) Nardi steering wheel with alcantara or leather (Cinque option) 
    3) Aluminium parts 
         -Blacked-out (Cinque option)
         -Smoked-out (Clubsport option)
    4) Removing the rear-view mirror (Cinque option, air-scoop/no rear window required) 
    5) Alcantara interior (Cinque option)
    6) Different stitching options

    • Mechanic:

    1) 680hp ECU (Cinque option) 
    2) Suspension modifications
    3) Exhaust
         -Tricolore/UNO option(Cinque based)
         -Cinque option
    4) Wheels
         -F single nut option with Michelin
         -Cinque option with Pirelli 
         -760 option with Pirelli
         -Gloss/Matte options
    5) 760 Engine mod (not sure if requires new engine)
    6) Gearbox
         -6-speed semi-auto (Cinque option)
         -7-speed semi-auto (760 option, not sure if it needs to be mated to a 760-spec engine)
         -?-speed manual (760 option, not sure if it needs to be mated to a 760-spec engine)
    7) Carbotanium monocoque (Cinque option)

    A special thanks to Pagani Forum

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