23 January, 2014

Purple Pagani Huayra Sold in China

China is a very wealthy country, to verify this statement the first Huayra landed in China last year in December. The Huayra isn't available in China yet. In April 2014 the car will have its official debut at the Beijing Auto Show. So the owner must found a way to get his supercar inside China. The normal price of the Huayra is around 1 million Euros but in China the price of a Huayra starts at 40 million Yuan, which is about 4.8 million Euros, $6.5 millions in the US. Not all people can buy a car at this extremely high price! 

This Huayra (which we already showcased long time agowas built at the end of 2012 and its chassis number is still to be confirmed but being this car one of the first Huayra delivered its number is for sure less than #015. The car features a fully visible carbon fiber body covered with a thin layer of purple paint, polished magnesium wheels with italian tricolore brake calipers while the cockpit is characterized by purple carbon fiber and black and purple leather. Until a short time ago the car was always seen inside SPS, the prestigious Pagani dealer in Hong Kong, after that it was spotted in October last year at a Supercars event held in Chongqing, China, in December the car was spotted again in front of the owner's hotel in Chongqing. So we hope to see the car on road soon.

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