26 January, 2015

First Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster Unveiled

This is the very first Zonda 760 Roadster. This car is not an old Zonda upgraded, this car is built on a brand new carbon titanium chassis. It is one of the latest Zonda of the production. We already talked about this car in October when it was spotted at the factory during the tests.

I think that this Roadster is probably one of the best Zonda delivered during the last three years. It is characterized by the classic two-tone color combination, fully visible carbon fiber body, the main central part is painted with a thin layer of blue paint while the lower part and the characteristics parts such like the fenders, spoiler and fin are finished in clear coated carbon fiber. The spoiler features an italian tricolore stripe in the middle part which is not present in the rest of the bodywork. The black wheels with blue central nut perfectly match with the rest of the body, this paint scheme reminds me to the Zonda Tricolore, what a pity that the brake calipers are black and not blue.

The cockpit is quite easy and very elegant, it's characterized by black leather and alcantara with blue stitchings and  anodized aluminum parts. Even if this car is a 760, it doesn't have the typical led lights, but standard Zonda F headlights. The tail lights surroundings are anodized. The most amazing feature of this car is the gearbox, which is manual like the Zonda 760 LH.

The car was unveiled during the weekend in London when it had a brief stop at Topaz Detailing while it was on its way to Middle East. Topaz is the UK's most exclusive vehicle detailing and paint protection film specialist's, handling the largest volume of supercars anywhere in the world.

Infos: Prototype 0
Pictures: TheSupercarKids

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