17 July, 2012

Pagani Zonda 760RS

Here a review of the ultimate extreme version of the beautiful Zonda, the 760RS. The name come from a combination of words/numbers, RS which stand for the initials of the owner and 760 which stands for the hp. The engine is a complete revisitation of the mythical V12 AMG.

The car went to Chile this month, where the customer already owns a Zonda F Roadster, a Zonda R and many other Ferraris.

The series of the 760s is a very exclusive limited series, we don't know how many will be delivered yet, but at the moment all of us know that the second one (760LH) goes to the famous F1 driver. The cars can be customized by the owner how he wants but the main difference between the 760RS and 760LH is the transmission, the second one (and also the third) features a manual transmission instead the sequential gear box.

Rumors say about 5 cars will be built but surely other owners would upgrade their Zondas to the 760 specs.

The project has been developed throughout 2011 and in Pagani is called the "Beast".

It has a new 7-speed automatic transmission "with new components and the so-called super synchros that includes an internal brake to slow the gears before making the downshift" and this new system let it shift times of 60 milliseconds.

Estetic upgrades are seen in the spoilers, fenders and diffuser. The spoiler is fixed with adjustable load bars. The front fenders enlarged were made to contain the new tires that are larger: front tires are large 25 cm (2.5 in more than Zonda Cinque) while the rear 38 cm (1.2 more than Zonda Cinque).

The engine has 500 rpm more than the Zonda Cinque with the red line at 7500 rpm, while the power of 760 hp is reached at 6300 rpm with the torque of 780 nm at 4500 rpm. The top speed is estimated at more then 362Km/h
The weight is 1210 kg 


The price for the last Zonda version is around 1.8 million €.

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