07 October, 2012

Pagani Zonda F Roadster Prototype For Sale

From few days it appeared on the web, this is a very rare Zonda, I would say "unique". The car, chassis 45, built in 2004 was sold in Spain and was utilised to build  the next generation of Zonda, the F Roadster.

The car still present the old steel brakes from Zonda S but was upgraded with the new sequential gearbox from the Zonda Cinque. At the moment the car has very few km on the odometer, only 2360 km, 1466 mi.

This is what the advertisement say about the car:
An original Zonda Roadster S 7.3 (2004), upgraded to a full Roadster F in 2007 (certified by Pagani as Zonda F prototype) with the new sequential gearbox fitted in 2011.

Source: JamesListPagani Forum.

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