08 March, 2013

First Pagani Zonda Wide Body

Here I would like to introduce a rare Zonda S 7.0. There are not many information about this car at its origins and also pictures are rare to find. 

This Zonda, car #22, was delivered in silver with a blue interieur to a Japanese dealer who was one of the first dealers of Pagani´s. He bought one of the first Zondas and kept it for along time. 

The car was sold in 2010 by Dream Auto in Japan at much more than what the dealer originally payed , the car had 4900 km on the odometer and the price was 463,699.73 EUR. But today the car has a new look. I do not know if the car was repainted at Pagani or somewhere else, the rear panel has a carbon fiber vinyl on it, a set of Forgiato Vizzo-M wheels finished in gold, red lights inside the engine compartment, different exhaust exits and a full bodykit which includes a new front skirt with red lights, a set Pagani Zonda F inspired side mirrors on the the front fender, a massive rear wing, a huge rear diffuser and also an air vent mounted to the roof.

Personally I am not a fan of this Zonda and I would like to see it come back to original spec.